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Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011

Key to Success (Kunci Untuk Keberhasilan)

so many people sometimes considers themselves the most powerful, able, and smart.
but they didn't know actually, there are many people who are more on top of them, hmm entries this time I want to give you some ways how to become a successful :)

1. do not consider yourself the most powerful
2. keen to learnreadand hear important information
3. Do not ever leave the 'prayer'
4. always pray to the gods
5. suppose you are in search of knowledge as if you'll live forever
6. do not seek knowledge just from a book
7. continue to explore sciencelike you're digging the gold mine
8. try, do not you make your ambition as a fantasy only
9. intention

10. may alsoyou can move forward in a way 'calak'
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